Tips On Finding The Best Tanning Bed

Finding the best tanning bed can be difficult, even more so if you have no idea what to look for. The wide range of brands, models, and features can be confusing to a novice. To top it off, tanning beds have different prices which may not reflect the quality of each product.

If you yearn for a deep dark tan like the Greek gods of yore, learning about tanning beds can aid you in making a wise choice. Education is the key here so you won’t waste money on a product that gives unsatisfactory results.

Tanning beds come in three types. Traditional or low pressure tanning beds work just like natural sunlight. They use UV (ultraviolet) – A and UV-B light to produce a fast tan but burn skin easily. A high pressure tanning bed uses a higher amount of UV-A light. This means that the tan will take time to develop but it will last longer.

The third type of tanning bed is the tanning booth. Unlike the two other models in which the user lies down, the tanning booth is a vertical device where a person can stand up while getting their tan. This makes sense since their skin is fully exposed to the tanning process rather than having contact with the surface of a tanning bed.

And while tanning booths provide a far more even tan than a tanning bed, they are also more hygienic because of the lack of physical contact to the skin. Many people prefer this because of the sanitary factor.

“The kind of bulb used in the tanning bed can also help you to determine whether to use it or not. There are generally two kinds of bulbs, UV-B and UV-A. With a UV-B bulb, a person needs to invest more time to get a base tan, sometimes even 3-5 times a week. With a UV-A bulb, you can get more or less the same result by spending more money on that one visit and will not have to go 3-5 times per week, but in month,” he added.

Other considerations in selecting a tanning bed are durability and price. Don’t be shy to look around and compare prices. The ideal product should be easy to use and maintain and carry a warranty. Above all, it should give you a safe tan. With those things in mind, finding the best tanning bed shouldn’t be a problem.

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